Bleeding Hearts

Episode 12 · April 14th, 2014 · 1 hr 30 mins

About this Episode

In which we talk of bleeding hearts and retaining data, freedom of information and what Kickstarter really owes to their contributors.

The WWDC Ticket Lottery! One of us is ecstatically happy about being given the opportunity to pay Apple a lot of money for a week in San Francisco, the other two less so.
Heartbleed is discussed, including revoking our servers cigarettes.
Data retention law in the EU kicked into touch.
A brief mention of GCHQ means that porn becomes a topic of discussion for several minutes again.
The Freedom Of Information act in Ireland, and how it’s being amended for the worse
Monument Valley for iOS
Oculus Rift’s purchase by Facebook, and how all the Kickstarter contributors get to feel about that.
Karl’s Laugh attempts to launch his own space rocket, powered by solely by inhumanly loud laughter.
New Starters Blaming Previous Incumbents (Medium
Comic Neue
Computer Vision for iOS: Deep Belief SDK
Command Line Corner:
- tag: command line tagging
- duti: document types at the command line