Drunken Bums

Episode 13 · May 26th, 2014 · 1 hr 42 mins

About this Episode

In which we start off by drinking too much assorted beers, and it all goes rapidly downhill from there.

Úll, and our feelings upon it (spoiler: they're all positive).
Jennifer Brook's Time Machine">
DynamicsXray, a UIKit Dynamics runtime visualisation and introspection library.
Beats by Dre:
- Beats/Monster
- Beats, Why?
- Streaming Music…
WWDC Predictions! Mostly inaccurate.
iOS8? or will it be iOS7s?
iOS 7 Squandered a Year of Third-Party Development on Superficial Changes
Big screens, 1704 x 960 resolution screen
More discussions of autolayout...
Niall Kehoes Crazy War of the Worlds
Niall Kehoe's app on Broadsheet