All Along The Watchtower

Episode 17 · September 14th, 2014 · 1 hr 35 mins

About this Episode

In which we get excited by new shiny things. OMG LOOKIT ALL THE NEW SHINY THINGS!!!

New Devices, new watches
Some digging into the stream issues
The bigger iPhone 6 Plus, there’s also an optical image stabilization system that uses the phone’s gyroscope and M8 processor to cancel out movements and shaking hands.
First world problems: choosing what credit card from your overflowing wallet.
At approximately 40min in, Karl says “just before the final thing”. Nevertheless, we continue to talk for another 60 minutes.
Stripe has its integration with applepay up already
"Although Apple announced some retail partners – including Macy’s and McDonald’s – some of the country’s biggest were absent. Mr Noyes said retailers were reluctant to sign up, partly because Apple Pay might trigger more use of credit cards, which impose more costs on merchants." Irish Times article
Credit card recognition technology:
Unsurprisingly buried news, this week.
Snapchat: settlement with a booted out co-founder
Tinder: settlement with ex vp of marketing over sexual harassment
Awful U2/Tim Cook "banter" was awful. AWFUL. Did I say AWFUL?
Rinse, reuse, recycle
How Apple Pay works and why it matters for developers, from
Craig Hockeyberry's 6000 word article article on the Terminal.
If you code or design for iOS, Sketchtool is freakin' awesome