Episode 20 · December 19th, 2014 · 1 hr 33 mins

About this Episode

In which we discuss how Apple has extended things, then they retracted them, and then retracted the retractions, allowing things to be extended once more.

Extensions are great, yay! Except when we're not allow use them, boo.
- Apple's 'unwritten rules' spark discontent among some app developers (Guardian)
- Don’t Panic: Apple reverses stance on iCloud Drive in Transmit (
- Launcher Followup and Thoughts on the App Store Review System (Cromulent Labs)
- Panic Transmit iOS Send to iCloud blocked by Apple (updated) (Panic)
- TidBITS: iOS 8 App Development Becomes a “Bring Me a Rock” Game (

App Store search is broken (Gedeon Maheux)

Papers, Please app approved for iPad, but without nude body-scans (Guardian)

Bye bye, Pirate Bay
- Swedish Police raid The Pirate Bay, site offline (
- The Pirate Bay, Closed (

Not going to link to it, but we think James Thomson handled his response to the guy using a third party code sign utility to attempt to pirate his app in the best way possible (i.e., without resorting to extreme rage & violence)

Minimum vacation policy at Travis CI

HockeyApp sells to Microsoft (Hockeyapp)

New stuff:
- CodeRunner v2! (
- SCXcodeMiniMap (
- Swift Translation Guide by Maurice Kelly (
- Workflow (, iTunes)

Delta’s handy Flight Picker

Bagpipes outside your office? Try NoiseMachines instead.