Episode 21 · January 21st, 2015 · 1 hr 20 mins

About this Episode

In which we talk about new things! And old things. Also borrowed things, and blue things.

State of the App Store: Things are good.

App Store pricing discrepancies: change in EU VAT laws seem to have caused weird random things to happen to App Store pricing (

Bitcoin purchases of things potentially causing problems with the EU VAT laws

App Store refund policy: overuse of refunds is tracked by Apple, and restricted if necessary.

UK surveillance laws may have the potential to block WhatsApp, Snapchat & even iMessage, if it comes to pass. This devolved into a ranty discussion of how politicians are passing ridiculous laws about things that they have no understanding of.

Apple Software quality: Should Apple slow down the rate of the release of new OS versions, to ensure the quality of said releases? Lots and lots of things to read here:
- colincornaby
- imore
- leancrew
- tapadoo
- macstories
- fastcompany
- mjtsai
- @jamesthomson

12 inches of Macbook Air, aww yeah.
- imore
- gizmodo

Virtual Reality as the new latest great thing (again), and how to record video for it. Outcome: we invented the Everyone-Elsie Stick (pat. pending)

Apple's camera patent mentioning GoPro causes GoPro's stock to plummet 15%.

Netflix VPN blocking: not actually a thing.
(Tangential discussion on why region-locking as a way of tracking user viewing preferences is dumb, and why regional licensing laws drives users to alternative methods of getting content)

We're really, really looking forward to the release of Big Hero 6.

*sings*! Epic security fail.

Our high points from 2014! Followed rapidly by our low points from 2014.

Panic's 2014 Report

We wind up the episode talking about the various conferences that we probably won't be going to this year *sadface*