Episode 29 · August 20th, 2015 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

In which we talk about things we already discussed last month again, in case you weren’t paying attention the first time.

Safari Content Blocking and Ad Blocking
Ensure you never have to see the Daily Mail again: a tutorial
Amazon in the workplace
Amazon in the bathroom
Hacking your neighbour’s car
The most recent Amazon outage
Soylent Schadenfreude: totally metal, dude
Kickstarter reviews
Scrib stylus
AirBNB and the Irish Tax situation: several assorted links for your perusal
- AirBNB has to start telling Revenue how much its hosts make
- AirBNB meets hosts after telling the tax man about them
- The taxman is right to chase AirBNB hosts. Here’s why…
- AirBNB hosts: ‘We’ve been making the housing crisis worse
- AirBNB landlords warned over tax liability