Episode 31 · November 23rd, 2015 · 1 hr 15 mins

About this Episode

In which the podcast takes a totally unprecedented turn when we start to complain about things. Which we never, ever do. Never.

One of us has an iPad Pro. The rest of us are suitably jealous.
Oisin regales us with tales of Indianapolis, the home of the Release Notes conference!
We mourn our lack of tickets for the tvOS Tech Talks events.
Apple apologise for the certificate issues on the Mac App Store last week.
Confusion regarding jobs in Cork and Jobs in the cinema manages to digress into a discussion on the developer community and diversity in Dublin.
Unicorn-based startups (it’s a thing, apparently)
Paris, and its ramifications for increased security measures.
How not to approach a genius developer for assistance with your project
Call for lighting talk speakers at the December Xcake (taking place on December 8th, Science Gallery)
Shout out to Axonista for being a totally awesome gang of really nice people
Completely unrelated: our thoughts on the QVC AppleTV app