Episode 32 · January 28th, 2016 · 1 hr 19 mins

About this Episode

In which we discuss the many and varied things that the year of 2015 has presented us with.

Year in review:
- AppleWatch
- New AppleTV (Oisin finally got one!)
- iPad Pro
- Gold MacBook
- iPhone 6S
Thanks to Drop for supplying the Xcake prize for the lightning talks! And thanks to Marian O'Shea for giving the winning talk!
Paolo's RTE Player app (repo)
Swift: we talk the benefits of opensourcing
iOS pushtoken issues that we have experienced
Fastlane is amazing (as we discussed in the past, and no doubt will continue to be discussed in the future)
Martin Shkreli's continuing adventures (to be curtailed shortly, we imagine)
AppleTV Tech Talks in January
Lego & hoverboards! Well, it is Christmas after all.
Movies in review! (no spoilers)