Backdoor Man

Episode 34 · February 22nd, 2016 · 1 hr 10 mins

About this Episode

In which we talk about other people's letters.


0:00:00 A Customer Letter. [](

0:01:05 That FBI request in question. [ (pdf)](

0:03:56 China has already requested backdoors into all foreign companies’ products. [](

0:04:59 Counterpoint: Apple have already unlocked iPhones in the past on request by the authorities [](

0:09:08 Error 53: So it turns out that Error 53 may not be such a bad thing after all. [](

0:10:29 Cars do it. Phones do it. [](

0:13:28 Google (& others) have somewhat declared support, in a vaguely wishy-washy manner. [](

0:13:29 EFF to support Apple. [](

0:16:28 Not an Onion headline: The SKYNET program is already in operation. [](

0:22:39 Farewell to Timezones? We can only live in hope. [](

0:27:47 Benson Leung, USB-C detective extraordinaire, fried his Chromebook Pixel with a dodgy cable [](

0:35:15 That dude that wrote that letter about homelessness in San Francisco...

0:40:05 Commandline Corner: The Keybase filesystem [](

0:43:02 Karl has two phones.

0:43:33 Weather forecasts via finger (only in Norway, unfortunately)

0:47:02 Sublime Text: Back in development again (wuhoo!) [](

0:54:18 Lego talk

0:56:50 James Thomson's PCalc has hitherto unknown secret features!

0:58:20 Stolen becomes Famous (with help from Zoe Quinn)