Post Hiatus

Episode 35 · April 29th, 2016 · 1 hr 37 mins

About this Episode

In which we return after missing out entirely on the whole month of March, due to prior commitments. As a result, it’s even longer and even more ill prepared than usual.

0:01:46 - I Am A Robot
Well, at least one of us is:

0:03:16 - The new Apple hardware we really, really needed most of all
Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter. It’s a godsend for podcasters & musicians:

0:08:32 We discuss our collection of assorted iOS devices, collected over the years.

0:13:47 - Apple is doomed, DOOMED
Dip in iPhone sales, maybe the iPhone SE can help:

0:22:36 Airplane USB sockets in the cockpit getting infected by charging Android devices

0:26:30 - Don’t switch off your ad-blockers just yet
EC says it’s illegal for sites to check if you’re ad-blocking them:

0:28:13 - Happy birthday Apple Watch!
Have some diatribes:

0:34:39 - Stephen Troughton Smith’s WWDC Wishlist
Some great ideas we’d all love to get from Apple this June:

0:44:49 - What happened when LeftPad was pulled from NPM
Relying on third-party remote-hosted modules is bad, okay?:

1:09:46 - SoundCloud double-charging whammy
Dave Wiskus on SoundCloud’s new paid offline feature, SoundCloud Go, and why it’s a crappy thing to do for artists:

1:17:46 The trouble with the App Store Tribbles
A detailed article from Pixite, developers of several amazing apps (Pigment & Assembly, but also Tangent, Matter, Union, Fragment, Lory Stripes & Shift):

1:22:36 Assembly for iOS by Pixite
We talk about a fantastic vector drawing, in the style of Ed Emberly:

1:27:15 - We’re not in Kansas anymore
More on that GeoIP glitch problem for a farm located roughly in the exact geographic centre of the United States:

1:31:17 - Apple Vs FBI
We make a concerted agreement not to engage in discussion with regards this subject in any way whatsoever shape or form.

1:32:01 - Postman for desktop!
Supercharge your API workflow: