Post-post Hiatus

Episode 36 · June 2nd, 2016 · 1 hr 4 mins

About this Episode

In which, after another extended break, we return to the microphones once more to discuss a range of topics, some dear to our hearts, some offensively repellant to everyone.

0:03:47 - Google IO: The 10 biggest announcements

0:16:16 - Monument Valley in numbers: Year 2

0:24:35 A brief digression into movies based on games.

0:28:15 - Billionaire Blackmail

0:44:18 VR: a non-comprehensive review of our hastily-cobbled together opinions on the matter.

0:46:01 3D Touch
Are we still using it?

0:48:32 P-Calc Tshirts
We're hoping to get our hands on some, James, if you're listening. Also, apparently WWDC will be happening soon. Revel in the anticipation of those of us who aren't actually going to San Francisco for the week.