Episode 38 · August 25th, 2016 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

…pation. In which we await, with breath bated, sundry assorted updates of the hardware and software varieties.


- New iPhone Incoming

- All the old hardware that has yet to be updated [do not buy] EVERYWHERE

- Swift 3 experiences so far (if any) everything is broken

- Betas: everything is broken and then fixed and then broken. But the new automatic provisioning seems to work? If you're only on 1 team or you remember to set the correct team.

- Our iOS 10 experiences so far

- External GPU for MacBook Pro hardware
Kickstarter campaign pitching external GPU for MacBook Pro, promising up to 10x performance increase, fully-funded on day one, offering a choice of two external GPUs for MacBook Pros that offer up to ten times the performance of the top-end built-in one. Connected via Thunderbolt 2 or 3, the Wolfe Pro gets you an NVIDIA GTX 970 GPU for $599, with estimated delivery in March 2017. The GTX 970 has 1664 cores operating at 1050MHz, for a peak computing power of 3.49 teraflops, with rendering speeds almost ten times higher than a maxed-out 15-inch MacBook

- VR headsets? (Picked one up in Dunnes two days ago)

- Castro 2 released & the Supertop guys now have their own podcast too! Also, they've removed the Verbose podcast from their screenshots, like, what's up with that, lads?