Darkest Timeline

Episode 41 · November 14th, 2016 · 1 hr 12 mins

About this Episode

Darkest Timeline
In which we pass comment on the unfolding events in the world today

00:02:20 Xcake shoutout: volunteers for talks, Christmas meetup
00:05:07 Oisin tells us all about Úll 2016
00:28:59 We discuss the US Presidential election, with a pinch of Brexit for good measure
00:43:15 What we think of the new Macbooks Pro
00:47:44 The Apple Data Center in Athenry
00:52:10 Graphic novels & other literature:
- The Incal by Moebius & Jodorosky
- The Thrilling Adventures of Babbage & Lovelace by Sydney Padua
- Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier
- Agatha: The Real Life of Agatha Christie by Anne Martinetti and Guillaume Lebeau & Alexandre Franc
- Jerusalem by Alan Moore
- The Cobweb & Interface by Neal Stephenson
- Step Aside, Pops by Kate Beaton
01:04:57 TV: Black Mirror, Gotham, Westworld