Accept No Substitute

Episode 42 · December 18th, 2016 · 1 hr 34 mins

About this Episode

Accept No Substitute
In which we find ourselves Oisin-less, but manage to locate a reasonably acceptable last minute replacement. We also talk for far too long about Westworld spoilers.

00:00:00 Disclaimer: once again, Liam is demonstrably wrong on the internet.
00:00:44 We substitute Oisin's at this point. Seamless.
00:01:20 Oisin tells us about the latest version of Castro, Supertop's premium podcasing app for the discerning podcasting listener, and its new CarPlay functionality
00:15:12 The MacBook battery life indicator is not working. Panic ensues! The MacBook battery life indicator has disappeared. Panic averted.
00:23:40 We discuss Westworld, with maximum spoilers.
00:33:32 We also discuss The Walking Dead, also spoiler-laden, with digressions into Lost & Groundhog Day & Under The Skin
00:46:33 Ferrite, an excellent podcast recording & editing app for iOS
00:48:59 How Amazon Go will destroy us all
01:04:30 We somehow segue into discussing universal minimum wage & the economic effects of technological developments
01:19:10 Amazon Prime is coming to Ireland! Video only though *sadface*
01:22:46 We talk about the Christmas Xcake lightning talks
01:29:12 AirPods!
01:34:17 Fin