Sporadic, My Ass

Episode 9 · February 13th, 2014 · 1 hr 35 mins

About this Episode

In which we deny rumours of our sporadic output, we get in a flap about app-flipping, we make insulting comments about known homophobes, racists and each other, and we discuss security & encryption in relation to mobile app data.
And for the first time on Verbose, there's an after-show section! We basically just forgot to stop the recording and continued to drink beer.


  • Flappy Bird flaps no more.
  • The depressingly profitable practice of flipping apps.
  • Dungeon Keeper's horrible usage of IAPs, and slightly more reasonable approach to dissuading users from leaving negative reviews, and instead leaving useful feedback for the developer. Will Shipley's response on app store ratings requests.
  • Pantigate, its many repercussions, and defamation in Ireland in general.
  • Panti's Noble Call on youtube
  • Casual racism & drunken leprechaun mobile games for the Android platform.
  • The Stackmob shutdown announcement.
  • Five Mistakes Startups Make When Building for Mobile: [article]
  • Implementing securely encrypted databases & data protocols.
  • Command Line Corner: imsg, and tales from the dark and distant past of adventures from command line.
  • Marvel Comics API, and Karl's very own iOS library for it.


  • Mostly beer drinking.
  • 'Intrusion' by Ken McCleod.
  • Meandering thoughts on security theatre.
  • Teaching C using vi.